Thursday, June 11, 2009

Margaret Thatcher

- Former prime minister of the United Kingdom!

- Daughter of a grocer!

- Closely allied with fellow idiot Ronald Reagan!

- Known for her arrogant dismissal of opinions contrary to her own!

- Bemoaned the changing racial composition of her country!

- Called anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela a terrorist!

- Abhorred government efforts to directly aid the poor and disadvantaged -- believing that self-interest and unfettered free markets are the answer to all of society's problems!

- Cut taxes, fought labor unions, and cut funding for education and housing!

- Actually said, "There no such thing as society" -- aloud!

- Privatized providers of public services -- giving the investor class a sweetheart deal on stock in the privatized enterprises!

- Deregulated British financial markets!

- Considered a hero by free marketeers the world over!

- Deeply disliked by less fortunate subjects of the British Crown!

- During her time in office, the gap between rich and poor Brits grew like never before!

- Thanks to the global economic crash, her economic philosophy has been revealed to be as sound as a subprime mortgage loan!

- Today suffers from dementia -- and so remains blissfully unaware of the carnage wrought by those inspired by her economic philosophy!

- Idiot!


  1. People forget fast and now you hear "she wasn't that bad" and such crap..... She was a nasty bugger!


  2. Yep, people like this fade quickly from the negative limelight and people only remember them for being famous, not what they were famous for!


  3. I've come to this blog to see it never updated. It should be continued, I'd like to move this forward, where is the creator? Hello?

    So many idiots, so little time, they beg to be called out.

  4. It was a temporary project. But you're right. You've got me thinking, progressiveactionnh! Thanks!

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