Monday, February 9, 2009

Richard S. Fuld, Jr.

- CEO of Lehman Brothers, a venerable Wall Street institution that went bust in September 2008, triggering the collapse of the entire financial system!

- Joined Lehman as an intern in the 1969, and worked at the bank for 39 years!

- Oversaw Lehman's aggressive move into risky subprime mortgage lending and highly leveraged subprime-backed securities investments!

- #11 on Forbes' 2008 list of best-compensated CEOs, with total 2007 compensation of $71.9 billion!

- Continued outrageous compensation payments to himself and his firm's employees even after the beginning of the credit crunch -- because he was certain the government would bail out Lehman like it did Bear Stears!

- In a June 2008 conference call, assured investors that Lehman was in good shape despite its $2.8 billion Q2 loss!

- Known as "the Gorilla" for his "take-no-prisoners manner of doing business" (read: temper tantrums)!

- Destroyed his first career, as an Air Force pilot, by punching his commanding officer!

- Got in a fist fight at his son's hockey game -- with the father of one of his son's teammates! Was pulled away by another Lehman exec -- because, as the fellow Lehman exec put it, the rival dad "was being attacked by the bigger man"!

- Owns luxurious homes in Greenwich, CT, on Jupiter Island, FL, and on Park Avenue! (UPDATE: In a move common among rich folks looking to protect assets from creditors, recently sold the Jupiter Island home, purchased for more than $13 million in 2004, to his wife -- for just $10!)

- Astoundingly, still works as a consultant to the company he destroyed!

- Following his weasel-like performance in front of the House Oversight Committee (see video above), was punched in the face while working out in the Lehman Brothers gym!

- Idiot -- and a great, big Dick!

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