Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ronald Reagan

- Fortieth President of the United States!

- Began his career as a New Deal-supporting Democrat -- but later became the darling of the Republican Party!

- President of the Screen Actors Guild during the late-1940s Red Scare -- during which he provided the names of "communist sympathizers" in Hollywood to the FBI!

- Opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 -- and the Voting Rights Act of 1965!

- Held an extreme right-wing economic philosophy known as "supply-side" economics -- which held that lowering taxes more than pays for itself in economic growth!

- Supply-side philosophy was famously derided as "voodoo economics" -- by Reagan's very own Vice President, George H.W. Bush!

- Lowered taxes during his time in office, but had to pay for government somehow -- and so raised the national debt from $700 billion to $3 trillion!

- Signed an early version of NAFTA -- which made it easier for businesses to exploit workers in the relentless pursuit of bigger profits!

- Fired striking air traffic control workers -- but reduced business regulation!

= Opposed giving health care to all Americans!

- Believed in unregulated free markets as the best way to address all of society's problems -- saying, "Government is not the solution to our problem -- government is the problem"!

- Actually believed AIDS might be God's punishment on those with sinful lifestyles!

- Cut housing subsidies by three-quarters -- causing an explosion in the American homeless population!

- Provided the philosophical underpinning for the practices and policies that would lead to global financial meltdown in 2008!

- Idiot!


  1. He was young when he supported the new deal

    He was right in pointing out communist sympathizers

    He was right in his economic principles as demonstrated by the failure on Keynes-ism economic policies of the current administration.

    He was correct to decertify PATCO as they broke the law. And he should have decertified all public sector unions as they are bleeding us dry.

    He made a mistake when he failed to cut all subsidies completely not just the ones for housing.

  2. Don

    - defends Reagan
    - condones the anti-communist witch-hunts
    - lauds Reagan-omics, the bull shit that says 'a rising tide raises all boats'
    - believes Reagan didn't go far enough with his principals
    - IDIOT!

  3. Notice how Joe Six-Pax is an extreme communist idiot. Ignoring that Ronald was able to deal with the disaster from his previous democat, and created 22 million jobs for the people, and eliminated the 20% inflation rate caused by the previous it down to only 3%. And he did seek to cut the government spending, while doing the immediately needed restoration of our air forces, navy's and nuclear response capability to defend us. And he shared the policy to russians that being private, and not communist was their great option. And it was, and the Communist government got ridden DUE ONLY TO HIM.
    Now, lets get on to the usual lefitsts lies about the "3 trillion deat, i.e, an asserted 2 trillion increase" But it was the Democrats in Congress insisted on the planned huge increases in things, and would not eliminate what they should the Dept. of Education which is (not a constitutional federal right) and now behind requiring Common all states....and is spending hundreds of billions...